About ScamRIP – Online Scam Reviews Investigated By Hackers

ScamRIP is an online scam reviews portal, consisted of a professional team of experienced hackers, who aim to help victims to get their money back.

What We Do

ScamRIP portal reviews every kind of online scam. It can be retail store scam, make money online scam, video game service scam, forex trading fraud, cryptocurrency mining or trading scam, and many more.

Our team performs thorough investigations of each scam, exposing interesting, helpful and useful information about them. These investigations focus on gathering information that could never be found anywhere else on the internet. In order to achieve this goal, we use many advanced softwares, including in-house developed tools.

From time to time, we may ask our customers to provide us some information, in order to facilitate our work and increase the chances to help them to get their stolen money back. However, notice that we never ask for money. Our work is completely voluntary.

About ScamRIP - Online Scam Reviews Investigated By Hackers

ScamRIP Anonymity

You may ask yourself why we are so anonymous, right? The reason for this is obvious to anyone who knows this industry or has been ever involved with it. Most of the people who run these online scams are criminals. It means that they’re not people you want to deal with.

Contact Us Freely

Here in ScamRIP we love to help people. If you wish to request us to investigate any kind of an online scam, have any question or just want to say hello – we are here for you. Please feel free to contact us. Currently, there are two ways to contact us:

  • Privately through our email address [email protected].
  • In public by leaving us a comment on the bottom of the relevant review.

We hope you will find this portal good for your purposes, whether you are a victim or just visitor.

Use the Internet wisely and keep your money safe,
ScamRIP Team