HomeInStock Review – Legit or Scam?

Online stores are one of the great things that the digital world had blessed us. All you have to do is to click “add to cart” all the things you needed, pay for it through your online banking options, and wait for it to be delivered. That is so easy. While people may have regarded this online shopping option as another reason to get broke, things have changed during this pandemic. Online stores that provide products that are essential during this health crisis are high on demand. But we should still be careful in making our purchases. Let’s get to know one of them through this HomeInStock review.

HomeInStock Review - Legit or Scam?

What is the Home in Stock Store?

The HomeInStock.com is an online retail store that offers essential, in-demand products like hand sanitizer, face masks, disinfectant, and others. The concept of the store appeals much to what every person wanted to have right now – they need products essential to fight COVID19. Who would not want to get protected from this virus? No one. This is why it is not much of a surprise that this store will be attracting buyers with their in-demand products.

Similar to what the usual online stores do, HomeInStock review store has both debit and credit card options for their payment method. In terms of their delivery, the store processes its customer’s orders within two business days, and they are also shipping products worldwide.

They are a bit forward and strict on their return and refund policy. Reading through their page, you will not even suspect that HomeInStock scam. But you might want to keep on reading to check if they are a credible online store.

Is Home In Stock A Scam or Legit Store?

Let’s find out through the following warning signs:

Misleading Website Information

The website’s information is misleading. As part of HomeInStock review, you can check on their “About Us” page, they were talking about helping their customers to express themselves. Their products are disinfectants, alcohol, and others – a clear COVID-19 scam.

HomeInStock review - covid19 scam products

Hidden Information on Whois

Their status is hidden on Whois.com and other trusted websites. Aside from their status, they have just registered their domain this year. You can tell that they are still new.

False Content

Its domain was registered just a month ago. It doesn’t match with its website’s footer. They registered their domain on April 10, 2020, but on their footer, they have stated that they have copyrights starting from 2010 until 2020.

Negative Reviews

There is no other information that you can find on the internet. If there is about HomeInStock review, it will be complaints against them. Customers were complaining about not receiving what they have ordered. This is already a clear sign that they are not legit and is a scam.

Limited Contact Options

They have limited contact options. They only provide their company email. So, if you wanted to follow up on your supposed-to-be-order, there is no guarantee that you will be finding answers.

HomeInStock scam - limited contact us options. Email only


Through this HomeInStock review, we were able to conclude that this website is not legit. While there might be some people that would argue that it doesn’t mean that it is new, it is already not legit. Well, because of the lack of enough details on its website and customer complaints are telling us otherwise, this company is not legit.

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