3HourJob Review – Another Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Scam!

Except not to work at all, what do people wish for when it comes to their job? They want to work less and make more money, right? We do not know many people who would answer this question negatively, in fact we are sure there are none. Therefore, you all need to read this 3HourJob review.

This is the reason why many websites have begun to emerge, promising to help people to fulfil this wish. They’re called – get-rich-quick schemes. But, all that glitters is not gold. A big part of these “nice” helpers are scammers that would just steal your money. It means that you will be left with less money and without the dream.

One such example is 3HourJob.com that is definitely a scam. It’s actually a very sophisticated scam, which redirects you to other scam websites depends on where you live. That means that one can complain that 3HourJob has falsely claimed he can only work a few hours a day and earn $500 each day, while someone else would complain that 3HourJob has lied him that listening to some audio tracks 10 minutes every day before he goes to sleep, will instantly materialize his desires without doing anything. Just like a magic.

To learn more regarding the 3HourJob scam we invite you to read our unbiased review.

3HourJob Review - A big Get-Rich-Quick Scam

What is 3HourJob Scam?

3HourJob is an online scam which the only one who has an opportunity to make any profits is its owner, as all its users will just stay with sweat fake dreams.

There are many legit ways to make money out there, which ‘online work at home program’ is just one such example. 3 Hour Job pretends to act as this program, announcing that its customers can earn over $500 a day through up to 3 daily working hours.

So yes, this specific program with an unrealistic income actually works (for the avoidance of doubt, we are cynical). Its owners do earn over $500 a day and they don’t even have to work a minute for that. But they are the only ones to benefit. And you guys, you just fund this fraudulent activity. Yeah, sad to say but every single day. So this get-rich-quick scheme works only for its founders.

Anyway, there is no such a website for 3HourJob. When you visit 3HourJob.com, you get redirected to other scam websites, depending upon where you reside. These scams are, of course, operated by the same owners of 3HourJob scam.

For instance, when we went to visit the trending 3HourJob scam site, we were redirected to HourlyProfits.org, which is structured as you can see in the image above, as an online news portal known as ‘News Daily 5’.

From there we are hit with a brief theatric article regarding a mother who was able to turn her life around and eliminate $25k in credit card debt all while working from the comfort of her home after she was laid off.

While we don’t buy this sob story, we know more tender-hearted individuals may.

So how did she do it?

Well when you near the bottom of the article, we are presented with the ‘solution.’

Reference to Website ATM is made, saying that if you don’t already possess $100,000 currently then Website ATM is the best solution to get you there.

Or so they say…

HourlyProfits.org Scam

The article contains a link to Website ATM. If you proceed and click on it, you will be redirected to a different webpage on the same base URL. There we got to some landing page.

This whole landing page aims to put pressure on the visitor, in order to convince him using it, and finally to make him pay. This pressure is manifested in compelling content (“Want to make $500 a day”) in addition to other persuasion manipulations. For example, a text states that there are limited amount of ‘available positions with a 2 minutes countdown timer to put the pressure on.

The promotional video on this page explains nothing about what is for sale. It just keeps repeating on general questions in order to get you tempted to pay money for ‘making money online’ and ‘financial freedom’. Hence, we still cannot know what are we going to pay money for at this time.

When this pitch video ends, in order to proceed and learn more about what this website offers us to buy, we first need to fill our name, email and phone number.

After that, we once again redirected to another page with another similar promotional video that keeps repeating on the same things. Again, without mentioning what we would pay for. However, the video also shows us fake screenshots of bank accounts with millions of dollars balance.

This whole time, a small pop-up window was repeatedly shown on the left hand side of the page. Its content was fake with statements about people who allegedly started to use HourlyProfits system and making online money online from home working only a few hours a day.

Eventually, we were redirected to a checkout page, where we could finally make a payment of $47 to get the Website ATM system. Notice, we still know absolutely nothing about this system.

HourlyProfits.org website - part of 3HourJob scam

Domain Insight

3HourJob.com was privately registered on May 2nd, 2019 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

Due to 3HourJob functioning as a multi-faceted redirection portal, 3HourJob did not reflect any web rankings on SimiliarWeb (since obviously no one ever visits 3HourJob.com without being redirected).

Like similar scams in the past, we suspect 3HourJob to invade social media outlets to mislead unsuspecting consumers into their get-rich-quick scheme.

3HourJob Reviews

When you search the term ‘3HourJob Review’ on Google, you will find tons of bad reviews about this scam. The majority are radically different from each other for the above-mentioned reason that each of them was redirected to other website (depends on this location).

In addition, as detailed in the feedback shared in the comments below along with across the web would suggest, most consumers first receive initial contact with 3HourJob after posting their resumes across job seeking platforms such as Indeed.com.

Oversea callers with thick accents have been noted to be behind the calls.

One consumer reports being offered a data entry job.

More often than not, however, consumers report not receiving any information of value regarding what the job opportunity is.

If you have been contacted by someone stating they are from 3HourJob we advise you to NOT to commit with them, not to provide their operators any sensitive information while sharing your experiences for others to benefit from below.

Is 3HourJob.com a Scam? 

Yes, 3HourJob.com is an anonymous get-rich-quick scam operation.

Notice, that 3HourJob scam is related to the following domains as well:

  • penzl.info
  • yourmanifestationcode.com
  • hourlyprofits.org
  • removemeplease.org
  • deliverfoods.org
  • 30minutejob.com

3HourJob Review Conclusion

To conclude 3HourJob review, this scam promises you the earth through a minimum effort on your behalf. But, in fact, it’s all just talk and no cider, which makes it very clear why this scam is so anonymously operated.

The Website ATM is a system that you can gain access to it for only $47! After this payment, it will apparently make you a daily income of $500 and even more. And all this by working one to three hours a day.

However, there is no any useful information available of what the Website ATM system is. Literally a pig in a poke.

In addition, there is an impressive similarity in the style and appearance of 3HourJob scam and each of the Amazon Cash websites. It wouldn’t be that surprising if 3HourJob is just another brand of this group.

Anyway, we really hope that our 3HourJob review has been useful to you. Just make a smart use of the internet and keep your money safe!

If you have been scammed please share your experiences with us below.

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