CIEFAUL Review – Is Scam or Legit?

With the coronavirus pandemic raging through the world today, online shopping has become even more important as people stay home. The problem is that there are many online stores that have been created simply to scam people of their money. In this review we will talk about one such store – CIEFAUL. Read our CIEFAUL review before you do business with them.

CIEFAUL Review – Is Scam or Legit?

What is CIEFAUL?

CEIFAUL is an online retail store that supposedly sells products that are related to the home. Their product range includes furniture, DIY kits, home entertainment products, cleaning and storage products, heating, garden products, etc.

The online home store delivers to all mainland addresses in the UK, as well as to other UK territories, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands.

The biggest attraction about this online store is its product prices which appear too good to be true. Another big draw is that this online store offers the next-day delivery option.

To buy an item, you click on your order and then proceed to the checkout page. Payment methods offered are Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express and Discover.

Orders are dispatched within 24 hours and deliveries take anywhere from 3 to 10 days, depending on the type of purchase you have made.

Will CIEFAUL Scam You?

Is CIEFAUL top a scam or legit store? This is a good question, and we answer it in this review. This CIEFAUL review highlights all the issues we have found with this online store, which make us believe that the chances of you getting scammed by them are high. There are too many red flags to be ignored. Here is the list.

Whois Information is Hidden

Whois is a lookup tool that identifies the owner of a domain name or IP address, and also tells you how to contact them. All you need to do is input the domain name, and the system will generate all the details about that website.

However, in CIEFAUL’s case, its Whois information is hidden, which is rather suspicious. Only those that want to protect their personal details hide their information from Whois, but CIEFAUL is a public store, and you would assume that they would want people to contact them.

New Domain Already Has Bad Reviews

While researching for our CIEFAUL review, we found out that this domain already has bad reviews. This online retail store has been open for less than a month (the domain was registered on 2020-04-03). You can read one such review here.

Usually new stores go all out to get good reviews from their customers, so it is surprising that it would receive negative reviews so soon.

Copied Content from Other Websites

While doing our CIEFAUL review, we found out that this website has copied content from other websites. If you check their About Us page, you will see that it is identical to the VonHous About Us page.

Furthermore, when you check their Terms and Conditions page, it’s been lifted directly from Habitat’s T&C page. In fact, there is a line in CIEFAUL’s terms and conditions page where they haven’t even bothered to change Habitat’s URL!

CIEFAUL Scam - copied about us page

Free Email Provider for Contacts

CIEFAUL’s contact email ID is [email protected] Why should a professional business such as CIEFAUL use a free email provider? Afterall, it doesn’t look very professional, and it definitely doesn’t inspire much trust. And as a new online store, you would think that CIEFAUL would do everything possible to create as much customer trust as possible.

Phone Number Related to Other Scams

The most worrying thing we found out during our CIEFAUL review is that the phone number that this online retail store has provided has been linked to other scams.

If you Google their number +12054947844, you will find a list of other online stores that have the same number and are scammers.

CIEFAUL Scam - telephone number related to other scams


At the end of our CIEFAUL review, we can say that this is not an online store that you should trust. There are too many issues we have found with them which leads us to believe that you could be scammed.

This online store is hiding its domain information, has copied content from reputed websites and is using a phone number that has already been linked to other scammers. Therefore, we would recommend to all our readers that it would be best to avoid the CIEFAUL top scam and choose an online store that is reputed and trusted.

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