CoolOffersList Review – Is It a Trustworthy Store or Scam?

Our CoolOffersList review is intended to warn potential consumers not to put their money in the hands of CoolOffersList scam operators, because if they will, they will lose their money forever. It sounds bad, huh?

In this review, we will describe why the so-called CoolOffersList online retail store is a scam. In addition, what red flags you should check before using it. For example, the domain’s WHOIS information is hidden, the communication with the website’s server is not secured, the domain was registered about 24 days ago (April 4, 2020) and already has bad reviews on the internet, and so on.

Notice that if it has not been clear so far, CoolOffersList review was written about Still interested? Keep on reading our detailed review.

So, What is Cool Offers List?

CoolOffersList is a new online retail store, which offers its visitors everything from small gadgets to full home contents.

According to its website, it is operated by ‘Cool Offers List LLC’ company who allegedly revealed a legit method to earn money via the internet very easily. The reason why CoolOffersList owners chose to develop this type of website, a general online store that sales everything, is in order to become attractive to many people. That is, no matter what these people will look to buy, they are likely to come across this website as well.

When we browsed website, at first glance, it looked professional and well designed. An innocent visitor could never think that anything is wrong with this website, because it was developed and designed just in order to trick its visitors to think that it is a legit website, lure them to make orders and pay money.

As part of our research, we revealed that emphasizes on trendy products to make it attractive, such as, blackweb wireless earbuds, dream serenity mattress topper, goodyear viva 3 car tire, and many others.

CoolOffersList Review - An online retail store scam

Will CoolOffersList Scam You?

Now, you’ve reached the most interesting part of CoolOffersList review. Because it may be relevant not only to this scam but to other retail scams as well. Hence, we suggest you to read it very carefully. You have to remember that it is better to take a bit of time to make a prior check instead of losing your money. We will now go through several warning signs that can tell that CoolOffersList is a scam:

Domain Information Is Hidden

When making any scam investigation, you must first try to expose who runs the website by trying to identify it on, or on any other similar online service.

According to service, the information regarding domain is hidden, so we cannot discover who this store owners are. At least not that way.

Notice that most of legal online stores have no reason to hide their identity. Therefore, we got our first red sign that this website might be a scam.

Non-Secured Website

If you browse to, you may know, this isn’t a secured website and it doesn’t automatically redirects you to as it should. It means that a hacker (or anyone with the relevant skills) can eavesdrop on all the actions you take on CoolOffersList website, including hijacking your identity and credit card information.

New Website – Bad Reviews

As of April 28, 2020, The WHOIS information exposes that domain was registered 24 days ago. So, this online retail store is very new. On the other hand, there are already some negative reviews about Cool Offers List on the internet.

This one is a very, very bad sign. Do you still consider to purchase products on this store?

Very Low Prices

Verifying the prices stated on this website, shows that they are much lower than market prices. Too good to be true. However, this cheap pricing method works all over again, because a lot of people will dazzle with these prices without checking if they make sense. Similar to the discounts methods.

We recommend you always to check reviews over the internet and verify the reliability of the prices prior making any online purchase.

Misuse of Other Brand

Take a look at the following screenshot taken from (’111):

Cool Offers List Page Not Found  - Misuse of Walmart Brand

Just unbelievable! These crooks actually use the Walmart brand in order to trick CoolOffersList visitors that this is a legitimate online retail store!

Also, look at this “surprising coincidence” between CoolOffersList website’s colors and the Walmart brand colors.

No Information About The Company

We didn’t find any information about the company states on CoolOffersList website – ‘Cool Offers List LLC’. That is, of course, increases our concern about this site.

Related Domains and IP Addresses

The domains below redirect to website:


There is no legal professional company that will make this operation.

In addition, the following scams were found as related to CoolOffersList:


And finally, some IP addresses related to this scam:


Lots of Fictitious Ratings

If all these above-mentioned red flags didn’t make you realize that CoolOffersList is a scam, here we got another one. Take a look at another screenshot we’ve taken from this online store’s website:

CoolOffersList scam fake ratings on website

Yes, it’s real. This store is online only 24 days old but already has thousands of orders, and as a result – ratings of the products they sell. Moreover, when you think about it, the amount of buyer is always much more than the amount of buyer who actually rated the products they bought.

CoolOffersList Review Conclusions

To conclude this CoolOffersList review, we tried to give you a perspective on how to check whether this specific website is a scam or not. However, these red flags could also be relevant to other online stores which are scams as well.

So, if you haven’t yet internalized, there is no doubt that CoolOffersList is a scam that you have to completely avoid. Note that if you still interested in making any orders on this store for some reason, it’s very risky and you may possibly waste your money for nothing.

Anyway, we hope that our CoolOffersList review has been useful to you. Just use the online virtual world wisely and stay safe!

If you have any experience with CoolOffersList, please share it with us.

9 thoughts on “CoolOffersList Review – Is It a Trustworthy Store or Scam?

  1. Too late for us. We got taken for sure. They did respond to my first email and gave a shipping time etc. All of that info is being used to file a Civil Suit against them. Will it work? We don’t know, but worth a try. We’ve already filed a Consumer Affairs complaint, and BBB complaint. It happens to the best of us, sometimes we just want to trust, but I guarantee, those days are over. Thank you for your inciteful education. If you have any ideas on how to recoup, or go after them, please let us know, especially if you can locate actual owners/names and such. Peace.

  2. This website is a phishing scam to steal your credit card information and sell it on the dark web. If You enter your credit card information on this website in an attempt to make an order you’ll get an error code to try a different card. Any card you enter will be used fraudulently within 2 weeks and you will have to go through a dispute process to retrieve your funds. I hope the FBI or Interpol catch these guys and Put them away forever.

  3. Definitely a scam website. Do not order from them! I lost around $250 and never received anything. Fake shipping company, fake tracking numbers, phone numbers that all you get is a busy signal.

  4. My 2 credit cards information were stolen. Multiple transactions from different states that I did not recognize. Please don’t enter your credit card or debit card information.

  5. SCAM ALERT.. Be aware of this scam, i lost 500$ ordering a water rower.
    It took 30days to see the status on the tracking page that the order delivered but we didnt received it. Unfortunately i paid with bitcoin and couldnt even reach any one to get back my money.
    I feel very disappointed and these guys should be punished..

  6. Yup, these guys are terrible. My credit card was declined on their site, which I knew was incorrect, so I tried another one. Sure enough, 12 days later I started experiencing fraud on those accounts, more than $2300 on one. Also, 2 bogus checking accounts were opened in my name. My info seems to have circulated the dark web with charges coming from everything from Trackphone to iHop.

  7. Scammers! They lure you in with great prices but if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. They are rather good compared to other scam sites that are popping up but still a scam in the long run! They send you a tracking number and you end up receiving a package of disposable masks! By that time, they’ve hit your credit card for a spending spree!!! BUYER BEWARE AND BE SMART!

  8. They also go under the alias ‘US Offer Store’ or Luckily I did some research as it looked strangely familiar to the Walmart website and I’d never heard of the company before. Everything looks super legit – very tricky indeed!

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