FocusMoney Top Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Are you a fitness enthusiast and looking for exercise machines or gym equipment? Are you planning to purchase tables, stools, and cleaning machines for your new home? Do you want to find pet products in the comfort of your home? If yes, you might like to visit, but before you should read this focusmoney top review.

Whether it’s your first time or not to hear about this discount shopping site, it’s an excellent idea to be familiar with it first.

In this careful and unbiased focusmoney top review, we will reveal everything about this online retail store. Besides, you’ll find the answer to “Is focusmoney top scam or legit store?”

So, let’s start this focus money top review!

What is the FocusMoney Store?

FocusMoney Top refers to an online retail store offering a wide variety of pet and fitness products. Not only that, but you can also find an air suspension kit, ladder hoist, vintage oak table, kitchen appliances, and so much more.

Meanwhile, what’s the Concept of FocusMoney?

Part of our focusmoney top review is for you to know the true concept of this store. We have noticed that it became quite popular. So, we exerted an effort to know what makes it appealing to the buyer.

The products offered in the discount shopping site are not homogenous. Meaning, the different product categories come with a wide variety of items. Other than the cheap price range, the store also promised fast delivery.

Because of the availability of innovative and high-tech products at discounted prices, FocusMoney successfully gained massive popularity among consumers.

FocusMoney Top Review - Is It Legit Or A Scam?

What are the Benefits of Buying through this e-store?

As we go deeper to this focusmoney top review, you got to know what the benefits of buying items from this e-store.

Safe and Secure https connection

When we performed this focusmoney top review, we have discovered that the retail store provides an SSL certificate. This means that all your monetary transactions are safe from cybercrime.

Tracking Page

Since the tracking page is provided, it’s a lot easier for you to track your orders. In other words, no need for you to use a third party app.

Easy Returns and Refunds

In case you are not happy with the products you purchased from the store, you can take advantage of their returns and refunds policy.

What are the Negative Remarks of Buying through this e-store?

The following warning signs will make you think twice in buying products from this retail store:

No Information About the Domain

In the about us section, you will find details about Cabfashion. However, you may wonder what Cabfashion is. Conducting this focusmoney top review allowed us to discover that the website name is different from its domain name.

Copied Website Content

If you compare and, you will find the same content. We have discovered upon conducting this focusmoney top review that the two sites have the same web design. Not only that, but there’s also similarity on the email address and contact page.

focusmoney top scam - Copied Website Content from scabfashion top

Poor Website Design

Looking at the website, reveals us very unprofessional design. For example, the favicon (i.e, the icon of the website) is the WordPress’s default icon. Also, the website’s logo is ‘Flash Sale’. Have you ever seen a professional website without a real logo?

Domain Was Registered Two Months Ago

The domain of the e-store was registered last February 23, 2020, to be exact. Meaning, this online retail store is new while having negative complaints about it all over the Internet.

Company Runs A Few More Scams

In this focusmoney top scam review, we knew that upon searching the company name who runs this scam on Google shows, it runs a few more scams, Scabfashion Technology Limited, for instance. This company never existed. So, you need to be extra careful.

Limited Contact Options

focusmoney top online store allows us to contact them only by email, which enhances their anonymity and reduces our chances of knowing who runs this website.

focusmoney top scam - Limited Contact Options

FocusMoney Top Review Conclusions

This store is known for its huge discounts on its offerings. Yes, everything is at a very affordable price. However, as the online retail store promises to offer cheap yet high quality products, the affordability can be a bait for attracting more buyers. There are also customers complaining that they have never received what they ordered.

If you cannot avoid purchase from this online retail, make sure to be very meticulous while using the site.

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