GETHOMEDY Review – SCAM Alert! Too Good To Be True!

It’s very easy to get scammed by an online store without even know you are in the process of doing so right now. That’ s why you need to do some digging and research about that online store first. And one of the online stores that you might need to think twice about first before buying from them is GETHOMEDY. That’s why here’s a GETHOMEDY review that’ll be hopefully helpful for you if you’re still deciding whether or not to buy for this online retail store.


So, to start this GETHOMEDY review, let’s talk about the products they sell. is a Dyson products store. Since they do sell Dyson products, the categories that you may come across when visiting their website are hair care, air treatment, and vacuum cleaners. According to its website, the payment methods this store provides to its customers are Mastercard, PayPal, cash on delivery, and stripe. When you go to their policy page, they claim that international delivery will take about 15 to 30 days. But there will be a possible 3- to 5-day extension for the manufacturers to process your order.

GETHOMEDY Review – SCAM Alert! Too Good To Be True!


Let’s go ahead and go to the red flags section of this GETHOMEDY review. So, talk about the different red flags which you should think about first before buying any product from them.

Whois Information is Hidden

Whois pretty much stores information about website process information and others similar to that. But GETHOMEDY keeps information from their customers which you can find in Whois, which doesn’t make sense.

New Domain Already Has Bad Reviews

Even though this online retail store has just opened quite recently, about a month ago (April 9, 2020), it seems that customers who buy their products often have bad things to say about them, which can be quite worrying, with it being pretty new and all.

Copied Content from Other Scam Websites

If you go ahead and visit their website and go to their policy page, you can see that the information there is very similar to the policy page of other websites such as Ismartinfinity. But not only that, but even the website’s design itself is also very similar to that of other websites Ismartinfinity. So, it probably won’t be too far fetched to say that both so these websites can be owned by the same people or person.

Fake Products Reviews

There are reviews present on their website that was published in January 2020, which doesn’t make sense considering the shop was open to the public on April 9, 2020.

GETHOMEDY scam - fake reviews


So that’s all coming from the red flags section. Those are just a bunch of things to consider before deciding to buy their products. And at this point, we’re nearing the end of this GETHOMEDY review. You need to be more careful before deciding to buy something from a random online retail store since nowadays, it’s very easy to get scammed by those people. GETHOMEDY is just one of many possible online store scams out there, so it’s important to do some research. A lot of people have even said this is a GETHOMEDY scam. So, that’s pretty much it for this GETHOMEDY review.

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