HikeKings Review – A Scam or Legit Online Store?

HikeKings.com is an online store that’s been all around the internet. It seems that it has opened just quite recently and a lot of people have been talking about it, especially since the deals or the discounts that each item has is honestly probably way too much, for a store that’s just very recent. A lot of people think that it’s a scam, but some people just think that the company’s just really generous. If you’re someone who’s still deciding on whether or not to buy from this online store or not, here’s a HikeKings review to hopefully help you decide.

What is HikeKings?

Starting off this HikeKings review, let’s talk about what they sell.

They sell hiking gear and is also an online outdoor clothing store that provides some premium outwear.

According to their refund policy, all of the items that are currently for sale aren’t refundable, and neither are sanitary goods and other items.

They also claim that shipping will take 12 days, minimal, and 40 days maximum.

In addition, according to their website, the only payment method is through your credit card.

But what is the highlight of this online store? What made HikeKings so popular in a short time? The reason they got so popular is because of the bizarre deals of bags that originally cost 200 dollars, then being 0 USD for sale.

Sounds great, huh?! Read on before you buy to reveal the secrets behind that.

HikeKings Review - A Scam or Legit Online Store?

What Are HikeKings Secrets?

Here’s the most important part of this HikeKings review. We will now go through some red flags that should tell you that HikeKings is a scam. These red flags could be relevant to other similar scams as well, so we recommend you to peruse.

Discount Shopping Site

One thing that you probably found to be weird is the very generous discount, and that’s what this HikeKings review is going to be mainly about. The sale is honestly probably way too good to be true and is something that shouldn’t be trusted easily.

Back to the weirdly cheap discount, the company may be actually charging a lot of money when it comes to shipping. A lot of people have been claiming that the shipping fee is around 60 USD. Another theory that people have come up with is that they send you pretty much nothing or garbage.

HikeKings scam - discount shopping site

Bad Reviews

A lot of people seem to think that this is a HikeKings scam, especially because of the very bad reviews that it gets on the internet. This is even odder, especially since it just opened a month ago.

Unknown Company

There isn’t much information about the company can be found on their website or any other place on the internet, for that matter. So, there’s little to know about them.

Email Contacting Only

Another weird thing about HikeKings is that there aren’t many ways for you to reach the company. The only thing that they provide is an email for you to keep in contact with them.


So, that’s pretty much about it for this HikeKings review. It honestly wouldn’t be too far fetched to think of this website and company is a scam. Considering there isn’t much information about them and not to mention that the discount for the said sale is way too much, it wouldn’t surprise me. But who knows? Maybe they’re just really nice people. But in my opinion, this whole thing is kind of sketchy, to say the least. But hopefully, this HikeKings review was able to help you figure out whether or not you should buy their items. Just pay attention to red flags and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “HikeKings Review – A Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Another red flag: A legit company would have more complete descriptions and technical specs on their gear. HK website has almost no details about material, features, construction, etc. And there few, if any, photos showing details of the pack features (e.g. interior).

  2. I fell for this scam, not to proud of it. I came to my senses a day later seeing how this must have been a scam. Firstly they contacted me through a third party email service. Secondly when I said I didn’t want it now they didn’t really responded to it other my questions about their legitimacy.

    I was shocked to find that the very bag I stupidly thought to get arrived, and I hadn’t payed anything, because I’d cancel my previous card information. Just not my email or phone number. They have my address still which greatly concerns me, and worse it is a friend place so I feel guilty that if something were to happen.. Besides that I am really not sure what I can do further so that they won’t harrass me in the future.


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