Homedepart Review – An Online Retail Store SCAM Alert!

Examining the collection inside of a brick-and-mortar store home store might be one of your favorite ways to collect creativeness. However, you have to acknowledge that online browsing is just so much convenient. You can easily deck-out your digs while taking sizes and matching costs at the comfort of your sofa.

However, you don’t need to lose your money to online con websites. It can be tough to spot a scam website. These days, hoaxers are crafty and great at making convincing sites.

Homedepart.com is one of those online household stores offering a broad spectrum of products and items. Is Homedepart a scam or legit store? Let’s read this Homedepart review to check it out.

What is Homedepart?

Homedepart is an online retail store presenting a wide array of household items at the designer’s quality. According to their website, they are composed of professional buyers who determine all the latest fashion trends, and they claim to assess each detail of the product quality they offer.

Some of the products you will see on their website include storage bags, garden tools, plant bags, and aquaculture items, and other home essentials.

When it comes to the payment option, Homedepart accepts payments through PayPal and credit cards.

Homedepart Review - An Online Retail Store SCAM Alert!

Will Homedepart Scam You?

Shopping on a bogus website could lead to your private and financial info being taken. Understanding how to spot red flags is vital but easy after you know what to look for. In this section of Homedepart review, we’re going to determine a few signs of why you should think twice when shopping at Homedepart.

New Domain Already Has Bad Reviews

One of the apparent signs we have noticed on Homedepart’s website is that it has numerous bad Homedepart reviews despite being a new domain. In fact, one reviewer said that he paid the store almost $200 and got nothing. His emails weren’t even answered, as well.

The domain was registered in October 2019 (just six months ago).

Copied Content From Other Scam Websites

Apart from the bad Homedepart reviews on their domain, we found out that Homedepart has duplicate content from other scam websites. Their ‘Contact Us’ page has exactly the same content to Chicpallette.com. This website is selling a wide array of products ranging from home improvement, toy supplies, kitchen & dining, sports, and outdoor and gift ideas, among others.

You can also tell that Homedepart and Chicpallette are scam websites as the same person owns them. If you look closely at both their contact address, you’ll see that Beimac Company Limited owns them.

Homedepart scam - copied contact us from Chicpallette scam

Fake Positive Reviews

Look at their reviews, and you’ll notice something fishy. The company wrote a few positive reviews about themselves at ScamDoc. If you’ll check closely, the first three positive Homedepart reviews were written on the same date, May 20, 2020. However, each of those comments was written at almost the same time.

Poor Website Design

Ultimately, you can see that Homedepart has an inferior quality web design. The banner page looks cluttered. What’s more, the text is substandard and looks unprofessional.


Shopping for home essentials could be an excellent and safe experience as long as you look out for the above red flags and practice some common sense and carefulness. Consider this Homedepart review before shopping. We hope you think twice before you plan to buy on this website.

2 thoughts on “Homedepart Review – An Online Retail Store SCAM Alert!

  1. Chicpallete is, in my opinion, a scam.
    The shipping information sends you on a wild goose-chase.
    In the end, the goods never arrived. My attempts to get a refund failed.
    Luckily I “only” spent about 50 USD. It’s the first time I’ve fallen for a scam. I should have checked out their website sooner. Hopefully, others will be smarter and buy their stuff some place else.

  2. I was scammed as well. Ordered a couple of side tables with drink cooling, wireless charging, bluetooth speaker, mood lighting functions; received a couple of really terrible quality (not that it matters) nail clipper sets.

    They sell from multiple websites including
    [*] leoon.store
    [*] sherrin.store
    [*] fanciful.store
    [*] homedepart.com
    [*] peekademo.com
    [*] cocusale.com
    [*] wilkbest.com
    [*] quitful.com
    [*] scoyee.com
    [*] boneite.com
    [*] serenade.store
    [*] merkulas.com
    [*] hopestrip.com
    [*] onaimer.com
    [*] stylegirlhub.com
    [*] rosedresss.com
    [*] flinycloth.com
    [*] olivieres.com
    [*] vincents.store
    and many more!

    They nick product photos and videos and descriptions from crowdfunding sites such as kickstarter and indigogo
    and then list them on their own websites for too-good-to-be-true prices, advertise on Facebook and wait for suckers like us to put in the orders and throw money at them.

    You are NOT the only one to have been scammed. See


    The websites are run by Beimac Company Limited, registered in the United Kingdom.
    The registered address 6-9 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England, UB11 1FW is a Regus “serviced office” – basically a mail forwarding service.
    The Director is TIAN, Jun, a national and RESIDENT of China.
    The owner is Chenguang Jiang, also a national and RESIDENT of China.
    ACTION 1. Write to British Companies House, informing them of the fraud and scam this company consistently perpetrates, and ask them to dissolve the company and ban for life the director and owner from starting another company in the UK.

    The PayPal payments are sent to Yunhan Industrial Co. Ltd. and Tianjin Love Sea Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.
    ACTION 2. Go to your PayPal account and into the “Resolution Center”, and start a claim against them for the transaction, so that you can get your money back.
    ACTION 3. Complain to PayPal and ask them to permanently block Yunhan Industrial Co. Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

    ACTION 4. Find their ads, pages and profiles on Facebook and report them

    [*] https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Product-Service/Sherrin-109525724119432/
    [*] https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Clothing–Brand-/Flinycloth-100149994859302/
    [*] https://www.facebook.com/Homedepart_official-108802867222895
    [*] https://www.facebook.com/Peekademocom-106278124404546
    [*] https://www.facebook.com/Flinycloth-100149994859302

    [*] https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/?active_status=all&ad_type=all&country=ALL&view_all_page_id=109525724119432&sort_data%5Bdirection%5D=desc&sort_data%5Bmode%5D=relevancy_monthly_grouped
    [*] https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/?active_status=all&ad_type=all&country=ALL&view_all_page_id=100149994859302&sort_data%5Bdirection%5D=desc&sort_data%5Bmode%5D=relevancy_monthly_grouped
    [*] https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/?active_status=all&ad_type=all&country=ALL&view_all_page_id=108802867222895&sort_data%5Bdirection%5D=desc&sort_data%5Bmode%5D=relevancy_monthly_grouped
    [*] https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/?active_status=all&ad_type=all&country=ALL&view_all_page_id=106278124404546
    [*] https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/?active_status=all&ad_type=all&country=DK&view_all_page_id=100149994859302

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