Insunlinen Review – Legit Store or a Scam? Find Out Now!

With each passing time and modernization being incredibly prominent in the global community, we are able to witness so many changes. The advancement of technology and the booming business of e-commerce has definitely altered our lifestyle to its highest potential. Nowadays, there are so many E-Stores in the market economy. We are able to connect and link up with so many stores within seconds. The act of buying and selling goods has never been easier for the global population.

Our generation has the world in the palm of our hands today. With that being said, we have to be mindful of the stores we connect with. There are many scams out there today. The discount shopping site of Insunlinen has been a hot button topic for many customers today for an array of reasons. The Insunlinen Review is what most past and current customers look forward to. Past customers have come across a lot of issues. A lot of customers will proceed with caution after they wrap their thoughts around this site. The Insunlinen Review is pretty much needed today.

Insunlinen Review - Legit Store or a Scam? Find Out Now!

What is the Insunlinen Store?

The Insunlinen Store is a new e-store that was created in 2020 to sell and commercialize women’s clothing and accessories. It is a women’s clothing store that sells the latest fashion fades present in the market. They take into account on what’s trending in the market and offer the latest styles to their customers. The Insunlinen Review is much needed to finalize its authenticity in comparison to other e-stores.

Insunlinen has garnered quite an impressionable audience during the launch and start of their store. This intriguing online retail store was able to capture a lot of customers with a variety of apparel; they were advertising and selling. They offer a variety of products such as dresses, outwear, swimwear as well as jumpsuits, etc. The Insunlinen Review does stay on the safer lane when it comes to its assemblage of clothing.

Insunlinen is all about under-promise and over-delivery with their customers. The site is able to appeal to its customers with its massive inventory. Insunlinen has a huge collection of clothing and is all about being aesthetically pleasing. Their collection can go from stylish to romantic to classy to natural with a simple click. The site is very vocal about meeting the look, which their customers are going for.

Shopping in does carry certain benefits. One major highlight of the store would be the handsome discount that they offer on all of their goods. For example, you can get a $60-$70 Jumpsuit for about $30-$33 in Insunlinen. Likewise, almost all of their clothing is sold with a fat discount tag. Another highlight about the store would be the fact that you can fill up your wardrobe with the latest apparel and accessories. In other words, you can always be fashion ready with Insunlinen.

Insunlinen review - fake prices discount

The Five Important Pointers to be Taken into Account Before You Shop Here

Inconsistent Information

A major red flag would be the lack of information on these sites. The “Who Is” information is completely hidden in Insunlinen. Legitimate and genuine websites would publicize that information.

Limited Contact Options

Lack of an address or a Phone number for customer support is a total giveaway of being a scam website. Insunlinen only has an email for contacting options, which raises another red flag of being a fake website.

Insunlinen scam - limited contact options

New Domain

It is known for scam websites to not be around for long. Trusted websites are known to be around for years. The domain of Insunlinen was registered on 11th February 2020, and they have already garnered a huge pool of negative complaints and grievances.

Unknown Company Name

This confirms 95% of the fact that Insunlinen is a scamming site. There is no information associated with the company. Every genuine e-store or company has the required information about themselves. Insunlinen is completely null with their company’s information.

Many Grammar and Spelling Errors

Sloppy English is a dead giveaway. Genuine and trusted companies would do the most with their design and content. However, scam sites will have the complete opposite of that. Insunlinen has a lot of spelling mistakes, strange wordings, and grammatical errors on their page. It is evident from the page of “Return and Exchange Policy.”

What Possibly Makes it a Scam? How Do They Deceive Buyers?

  • Insunlinen has zero online presence. They have ads floating around on Instagram but don’t have an actual Instagram account. Their Facebook page is only two months old and has about six likes on it. A Genuine and established company would have a proper impression on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They would interact with their customers and promote their goods on their pages. Insunlinen is basically non-existent.
  • The reverse image search was done with some of their advertised pictures, and the clothing pictures are taken from a multitude of sources, with Pinterest being one to name.
  • Some customers transacted their money via their Monzo accounts under the trading name tag titled “Starlink Hong Kong HKG.” A search was done on it, and the result amounted to nothing.
  • Many customers faced a lot of issues with their customer service. Customers wanted to cancel their orders, but the person behind the customer support would repeatedly force them to proceed with the order and avoid canceling it. They avoid canceling their orders and dodge the customer’s grievances.

The Verdict

There are tons of e-commerce sites that are genuine and expressive with their customers. These sites provide equal or more benefits in comparison to Insunlinen. The Insunlinen Review goes as far as unfolding the truth of Insunlinen scam. For a site that is hyped and new, you would expect it to be above subpar, but the site is pretty much on the other side of the pond. Based on our Insunlinen Review, we think it is best to avoid shopping from here. You can get far better deals and discounts on other shopping sites that actually care about their customers. Is Insunlinen a scam or legit store? We will let you decide that based on what you take from this review.

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