Ninetieth Club Review – Is This Nintendo Switch Store a Scam?

Online retail stores are something that we often turn to nowadays, especially since technology is evolving quite fast. But even though things are much more convenient now, especially when it comes to shopping, there are still a lot of scams out there that you should watch out for all the time. Do some research about that online store first. Ninetieth Club is a store that might interest you, so here’s a Ninetieth Club review if you’re looking to know more or is looking to know Is Ninetieth Club a scam or legit store?

What is Ninetieth Club?

To start this Ninetieth Club review, what exactly is Ninetieth Club? Ninetieth Club is a discount shopping site where you can find Nintendo Switch products. When you order an item from this shop, they claim that it would arrive in 12 to 18 days on standard shipping, but it can also arrive in 3 to 8 days in express shipping. According to their website, you can also return any item you buy within 14 days.

Ninetieth Club Review - Is This Nintendo Switch Store a Scam?

Is Ninetieth Club Scam or Legal?

Here’s a list of red flags that might make you think twice before buying any product coming from this online retail store.

New Domain – Bad Reviews

Even though this domain and website are quite new, it was registered back on April 4, 2020, many customers who have bought items from this website have left bad reviews. Which may mean that this is either a scam, or the items you get from there are bad, or the people who manage this online retail store are just bad at what they’re doing.

Another Scam Owned By The Same Group

If you visit Ninetieth Club’s website and go ahead and check out the Contact Us page, you can find that it is very similar, it might even be identical to other Contacts Us pages to other scam websites like wadi. It probably would be possible that both of these websites could be managed by the same group of people or person.

Spelling Errors On Website

If you also look at Ninetieth Club’s website again and look at the Contact Us Page, you can find that there are some spelling errors located on the website. Like, how they spelled Los Angels instead of Los Angeles. This is very unprofessional, especially for a company who wants to appeal to the people visiting their website.

Shady Company

If you try and look for more information about this company, it can be quite difficult. If you visit Whois, and search up their domain, which is, all you’ll get is a general topic name and that it is located in China. You can also see that on their About us page, they are located in Hong Kong, but if you visit their contact us page, they say they are sited in the US.

Ninetieth Club scam - fake products discounts


So, that concludes it for the red flags part of this Ninetieth Club review. Hopefully, you can research more about Ninetieth Club before buying any item from them since there are many scammers out there, especially on the internet. And I hope that this Ninetieth Club review inspires you to do more research before buying anything from an unknown online retail store. One of the best places to do some quick research about a domain is Whois, or you can just look them up on the internet to know more.

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