TWSAudioCompany Review – Avoid This Online Store Scam!

Every person has his or her way of listening and appreciating music. Some play it on their stereo, in their mini-speakers, and others love listening to it through headsets and or earphones. Today, we should all be thankful to the advanced technology. It gives us a wireless way to listen to our music – this is the earbuds or pods. While the largest tech company offers this gadget in one color only, did you know that there is an audio company that provides the same device but in various colors? Let’s learn more about this company in this TWSAudioCompany review.

TWSAudioCompany Review - Avoid This Online Store Scam!

What is the TWSAudioCompany Store?

If you have been craving to purchase your very own earbuds or as they call it ear pods, never look further to marketplaces as this online store is solely dedicated to providing you with their line wireless device. They have given themselves the True Wireless Sound as their brand name. For now, they are offering wireless earbuds as of the moment. Still, as they have named their website as an audio company, who knows, they will also be providing various audio products in the near future.

Everyone might have also been influenced when a well-known company have created and released this product in the market. But they only produce their product in one color. Well, people are also looking into the aesthetic appeal of a particular device before making a purchase. This is probably the reason why TWSAudioCompany became popular – it offers the original pods in black color.

TWSAudioCompany scam - product offered by this online retail store

When it comes to benefits, this online retail store offers their pods at an affordable price. Their refund policy is also inviting. It was stated there that if you didn’t receive the product after 30 days, you are automatically qualified for their refund policy. They also have an Order Tracking page to simply guide you on what you should do to keep track of your purchases.

Is TWSAudioCompany Scam Or Legit?

At first glance, for a person who is craving for an affordable wireless device such as this, they won’t bother knowing if this is a legit website or not. But for those who are making sure that they are only dealing with legitimate businesses and websites, they would search to find out.

How do we know if TWSAudioCompany scam or not?

Here on TWSAudioCompany review we reveal for the very first time, what are the warning signs that will tell you not to trust this site:

  • You can’t find any information about domain on
  • Its Website content is a direct copy of and
  • Domain was registered almost one month ago (2020-04-05). This only means this site is just new, but you can already find negative feedback on the internet.
  • It has an unbelievable price for the products that they offer. This is already a too-good-to-be-true sign that it is a scam.
  • You can’t see any product reviews on other reputable websites.
  • As you can see on the image below, there are many product reviews that were written more than one month ago, while the website has been created less than one month ago.
TWSAudioCompany scam - fake product reviews on website


The popularity of wireless in-ear buds or “pods” is continuously increasing. Well, we can’t argue much as people were indeed fascinated by this device. However, no matter how you are excited to have this kind of device, it would be better if you will only get it from a legitimate company for the reasons we talk here on the TWSAudioCompany review.

TWSAudioCompany might have enticing offers for this kind of device. Still, with a lack of information about this website and complete copy-paste content or image from other websites, you want to reconsider switching to a different reputable online store.

One thought on “TWSAudioCompany Review – Avoid This Online Store Scam!

  1. Agree.
    I fell for their scam, which sucks.
    Many people were posting bad comments with one star and other gave 5 stars but warned not to buy. All the comments then were deleted and you couldn’t comment anymore.

    As today, August 14, I think the page doesn’t exist.

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