Welldshop Review – Beware Of This Online Store Scam!

There are a lot of online stores out there. And at times, you will definitely need help on choosing the right online store for you to shop in. You need to be more careful since there are also a lot of online stores out there that are scams. But one store that you should definitely be careful of is the Welldshop. Welldshop is a pretty new store that appeared on the internet less than a month ago.

So, if you were having questions about Welldshop, here is the Welldshop review to answer a few questions you might have.

Welldshop Review - Beware Of This Online Store Scam!

What Exactly Is Welldshop Store?

First of all, let’s start with what exactly is Welldshop.com? This is an online retail store, which is also a discount shopping site that usually sells furniture for your home, with most of its furniture for your living room, such as coffee tables, sofas, futons, chairs, and TV stands. They claim that the shipping is free, and the items you ordered will arrive 45 days after your purchase.

According to their website, payment is made using your credit card. Lately, it’s been quite popular, mostly because of the deals or discounts that they offer. But because of the discounts, people have been wondering, is Welldshop scam or legit store? That question can hopefully be answered with this Welldshop review.

Red Flags To Be Aware Of

A New Store With Bad Reviews

Only opening for less than a month, starting on March 12, 2020, this online retail store has suspiciously gained quite a lot of bad reviews from their customers.

Sales Manipulations

Clicking on any product, redirects us to the product page, where you can see information about it and buy it. However, this whole page is made up of a lot of false manipulations. For example, a “left in stock” countdown which decreases every few seconds in order to let the visitor think people are currently buying this product so he should hurry and buy it too. Also, a fake review stars. On the on hand, it states ‘0 customer reviews’, but on the other hand, it shows 4 stars.

Welldshop scam - Sales Manipulations on product page

No Information About The Company

The company that runs Welldshop is very mysterious. There isn’t much information that you can get about them on the internet.

Similar Content To Other Scams

The content that can be found when you go to your website is similar to other websites that are actually scams. The information that can be found on the contact us page is much the same as xielb and bshils, which are actually both scams.

Limited Contact Options

There is only a limited amount of ways to contact them by email or the contact form found on their website, which acts like email.

Whois Information Is Hidden

It turns out when you go ahead and go to the Whois website and look for Welldshop, some pieces of information about them aren’t mentioned on their website.

Unreasonable Discounts

The last red flag that you’ll hear from the Welldshop review is the surprisingly meager discounts that are definitely quite shocking to anyone. Even a black reclining massage chair that originally cost around 2000 USD became discounted and is now worth around 55 USD according to their website. A lot of people that this is a Welldshop scam.

Welldshop scam - Unreasonable Discounts


So, that’s all for this Welldshop review. I hope that you can take the red flags seriously before you buy something from their website. There are a lot of online scams out there, so be careful. Please take this Welldshop review since it might save you from being scammed by an online retail store. Whenever you find an online shop, it’s good to do some research first.

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